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New Season: 2014 - Rider details Coming soon



End of Season Highs and Lows.

14th October 2013

Well that's it folks, end of the 2013 season. Mixed results from the RatMally Sponsored racers but overall, everyone should be very pleased with their efforts. We are and want to send a massive thanks to Liam Murtagh and Richie Connell for their promotion of RatMally Race Graphics.

Richie ended the Thundersport-GB season on a low with a massive highside at Mallory park's Devils Elbow. Anyone who knows Mallory will tell you, you don't want to crash there! A downhill, off camber, drive to the finish line with little to no runoff and a tyre-wall for comfort. Well Richie signed his name all the way down that particular curve and the Devil elbowed him skyward! Now Richie is spending some time off his feet with a fractured vertebrae and time to contemplate 2014's attack. Sadly, Mallory park is closing it's gates after a long-run battle with noise levels so Richie has the end-of-an-era highside trophy to tell the grandkids about as consolation. He's well on the road to recovery and knows why it all happened so can move on, ready to pull the wire even tighter in 2014.

Liam came good in the last NGRRC round at the iconic Thruxton circuit and took the win in the Powerbikes B final, as a quirk of race management mixed up the runners for the last flag of the season. All good, although not Liam's chosen class but very well done all the same and a nice cherry on the great 3rd Place in the NGRRC Powerbike Championships.

Watch this space for what's happening in 2014:
There's talk of Richie stepping up to the 1000cc Class with Thundersport-GB and Liam has a eye on the Powerbike Championships. We would like to see Liam testing the ground in British Superbike's Superstock 1000 class ... Look out!

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Anglesey Coastal done, Pembrey up next.

14th September

Anglesey wasn't all Richie had hope for and setup troubles on the first day left him with ground to make. Day 2 was going in the right direction and with a less than helpful grid spot of 26th, he managed to fight the way through to 13th and 7th in class. Points to the tally and a weekend target lap of 1 minute 11 seconds was met.

It's hard work battling through the field from a bad grid spot and Richie has proven he can run the times at the front. Next step, to concentrate on a better qualifying setup for a healthier place on the grid. When that happens.. Look out!

Liam has recovered well from the antics at Anglesey (below) and heads back to Wales for rounds 13 and 14 of the NGRRC Powerbikes Championships. This time to the South for Pembrey and the penultimate meeting of the year.

Liam holds 3rd spot in the Championships and is looking to run with the local man Bevan at Pembrey for a jump into 2nd.

Richie heads to Mallory on the 22nd for an extra round with EMRA ahead of the Thundersport GB round on the 29th. Lap times and a good qualifying pace are the targets.

Good Luck to both.. Keep the RatMally flag flying.

RatMally race Graphics at Anglesey

Air-Time at Rocket for Liam Murtagh

17/18th August.

Well, that didn't go to plan! Liam's words or a version of them as he took-off at Rocket corner and crossed the track in a blur of Corby Kawasaki and freshly cut grass. For some reason the kink in the coastal straight, taken flat out at plus 140mph, took a disliking to Liam on Sunday and as he ran wide onto the grass, thoughts of the looming Irish sea and the need for motocross tyres flashed before him. The back brake came in handy to avoid the tyre-wall on the soft grass and those who know Anglesey know this is a swift uphill run with a nice grass ramp leading back onto the crossing track at Rocket, a very apt name on this occasion. This was the unusual path Liam took before deciding to vacate the ZX10R and swim!

The weekend It wasn't all bad, the damage was minimal, all considered and the previous day saw Liam take a 7th place and a few points to the cause.

Although disappointed, with the struggling pace, Liam was thankful to come away in one piece with points for his trouble.

Thanks to Liam for some unusual promotion of RatMally's graphics and we're looking forward to better luck at the next round, Pembrey.

Richie Connell, heads for Anglesey this weekend with Thundersport GB and hopes to make a mark on his bogie track after bad luck last year. Look out for #97 in the televised SuperSport 600 Bank Holiday special. Good Luck.

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RatMally Racers - Points in the Bag for July.

27/28th July.

A frustrating weekend for both RatMally supported riders, Liam Murtagh and Richie Connell.

The Thundersport GB round from Rockingham Raceway was a target for Richie to gain some good points in the SuperStock 600 Championship. Testing went well earlier in the week and team Connell were ready for a successful fight. Then the gremlins struck and the R6 suffered setup issues for the duration of the weekend. A fault with the front suspension turned out to be the problem and at least gave an answer to the issues.

Despite the woes Richie still managed 8th in class on Saturday and 4th in class on Sunday. Very good considering and well within the points he needs.

Next up is Anglesey's coastal circuit and with a freshly serviced setup Richie should be better equipped to make the podium he is hunting.

Liam took on the BSB Superstock boys at Oulton Park with NGRRC and was doing everything right until a race extension from 5 to 7 Laps left him out of fuel on the last lap and losing places as the ZX10R floundered on fumes, bringing Liam home in 9th.

The BSB Superstock contenders were making the most of the testing time before the next round and blocked out the first 4 places with close on Lap-record pace efforts. Liam was pleased to hold pace and took consolation from the fact that were they not there, the high club level pace would have seen him taking a trophy.

Positive steps though for Liam's Championship lead of 29 points over 4th place Leon Jeacock. Liam's 3rd place is getting stronger and with 25 points to reach Josh Day's 2nd place, anything could happen at the next round at Anglesey.

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Liam Murtagh - Mallory Mission

RatMally Race Graphics - Liam Murtagh

Mallory Park - 29/30th June 2013.

Summer has well and truly started and the sun shone down on Mallory Park for rounds 8 and 9 of the North Gloucester RRC Championships. Liam Murtagh and the freshly stickered Corby Kawasaki ZX10R took to the powerbikes grid for his defense of the 3rd Place in the Powerbikes Championship and the aim was a win.

Qualifying went down with Liam clocking a 55 second lap and taking 5th on the Grid for the Final. A slow start put him back in the pack for the first laps and a battle to pass slower riders ended with a 7th place while the leaders found clear track and pushed the times to close on lap record level. Morello Services backed Peter Baker found good form on the new ZX10R to take the win with a blistering 53 second lap, closely followed by the ever-rapid Phil Bevan and BSB Superstock's BMC-Racing Leon Jeacock, both just a second a lap off the pace.

Sunday dawned with repeat weather and a dry and sunny Mallory opened the gates for the the Sunday men. Traditional Race-Day and a chance for Liam to remedy the previous days shortfall. The Aim, a 54 second lap. The pace of yesterday was hot and realistic goals need to be set.

Liam took 5th in the qualifier with a low 55 second lap and the pole position was Peter Baker's, still in the 53's.

The main event started well with Liam slotting into 6th after the jostle into Gerrards on lap 1 and a race long chase of 5th placed Paul Shook ensued. Liam was making good grounds on Paul for the 1st 4 laps but Paul Shook's ZX10R had great drive out of the mallory chicanes and Liam had a hard task to reel him in, gaining ground around the massive 120mph Gerrards corner and into the hairpin, only to lose it again out of Devils elbow and Edwinas. The flag came with Liam in 6th but the perfectly aimed 54's second lap target was bagged. Jeacock took the win with Baker in a close 2nd.

A great weekends racing for Liam and a good Lap target met. Perfect weather to get to the track and ideal catch-up with Liam. Nice to spot a good range RatMally Race Graphics on the grid as well.

The next round hits Oulton Park and we're hoping to get to the all action circuit for a peek. See you there.

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RatMally Racer Richie Connell

Richie Connell - Progress towards British Superbikes.

Oulton Park - Sunday 23rd June 2013

Great progress was made by Richie Connell at the Thundersport GB Oulton Park round. Richie headed to Oulton with a goal of reducing lap times in preparation for the forthcoming wild-card entry into the British Superbikes Superstock 600 class in August. Richie bettered his 2012 lap time by 4 seconds in the dry conditions of the final televised race and fought a race-long challenge for 3rd in class and with places changing hands on every corner Richie finally came home in 7th.

The weekend's conditions were testing and a solid 1 minute 47 second lap in the damp to match the 1.45 in the dry point Richie in a positive direction for BSB, where the fierce competition mean simply qualifying within 110% of the pole-setter's time is a hard task.

Very pleased with results from Oulton, Richie now moves on to Rockingham International for the next round on the 27/28th July, a new circuit for all and it's Daytona style banking and huge spectator stands surely make it a favourite for a summer Sunday. See you there.

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Richie Connell & Liam Murtagh - NGRRC Castle Combe

Saturday 8th June 2013.

Castle Combe was always going to be gamble for Liam and after a swift rebuild the ZX10 was ready to be set for the high speed bumps...

Liam said, "Not the best weekends racing I've had! I started in p2 in the first race and finished 14th but i wasn't excepting much as it was my first time at Castle Combe. In the second race i was sitting about 12th and tangled with a GSXR towards the end of the first lap, which put me back to 25th. I managed to claw up to 16th but not the normal results and I'll make up for it at mallory with a win!"

Richie took an unscheduled stop at Castle Combe to get some extra laps in and enjoy his local circuit.

Richie quoted, "The weather couldn't have been better and my aim was to have fun and enjoy the day. I started the qualifying race in P11 with a bad start but by the time I got to the 2nd corner I was up into 3rd and pulling back time on 2nd. Then a couple of moments knocked my confidence and I dropped 2 places. In the main race my plan was to stick with the leaders and a good start put me into 3rd but a faller at the 1st chicane caused me to make avoiding action across the grass, putting me back to 10th. I battled back to 6th and managed a 1:16:58 - 2 and a half seconds faster than last years best."

Oulton Park is next for Richie, with qualifying on Friday 21st and Racing on Saturday 22nd June. Richie holds good form at Oulton and is looking for a good result and some consistent times to lead him into the British Superbikes round in August. It would be great to see some good results for Richie and the RatMally Race Graphics liveried R6, a nice little confidence booster for the Connell team and a good lead into the summer and some hopefully sunny and dry race action.

Liam heads to Mallory on the 29th and 30th of June and is looking for revenge. A win would be fantastic but we expect top 3 and Liam is keen to make it happen.

We need to get the ZX10R back to race livery and work is in progress... A full set of printed and laminated graphics and race numbers are awaiting fresh panels and of course the World Superbike style Headlight Stickers will be on full beam ready to be blurred by Liam.

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Rubber Side Up for Liam ...

Donington Park - 11/12th May 2013.

Well good and bad for Liam Murtagh at Donington Park at the last NGRRC meeting... Mid May and you would expect the sun but the cold and wet returned and delays throughout the weekend made for late running and early evening track time. Not ideal but dealt with by Liam with a nice 4th place on Saturday. Not the usual podium but saving near disaster from a slide through Craner Curves, Liam had to pick his way back through the field and with a last lunge on Bevan, took the 4th spot. In Liam's words, "Happy with that!" - Good Save.

Sunday was to forget in the end and despite a good start and fierce battle in the qualifying race with Bevan, Pope and Dixon and a 3rd place for the final, it all unravelled at Coppice... The day was late, the track was cold, the pace high and the ZX10 said "Get Off" and went for a gravel bath, undressing itself on the way and putting it's feet up to thumb through the cheque book list of repairs. End of day!

Liam bounces well and came off clean ready to start the prep for Castle Combe on the 8th June. The list is long and the parts damaged were pricey but the upside is there will be a clean set of plastics going on for Castle Combe and plenty of room for your name on the side, in return for a little help. Liam is a close 3rd in the Powerbikes championships and the peoples favourite for an imminent win. Join the party. SponsorLiam@ratmally.com

Richie Connell heads to Cadwell Park this weekend with the Thundersport GB and aims to hit back at the 600 SuperStock Champs after a disappointing last round at Snetterton.

Thanks to both Liam and Richie for promotion of RatMally Race Graphics and good luck for the next rounds. We'll be running off some fresh stickers for Liam asap so get in touch if you fancy helping.

Richie Connell - Yamaha YZF R6 | Liam Murtagh - Kawasaki ZX10R

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Liam Murtagh - 3rd at the Mountain.
RatMally Racer highs and lows - Murtagh and Connell.

Cadwell Park - 27/28th April 2013.

RatMally Supported Racer Liam Murtagh is going from strength to strength and with his first chance to ride the ZX10R in the Dry, he proves the wet leveling conditions of Brands Hatch had no bearing on the Corby Kawasaki riders performance, with another 3rd place at Cadwell Park. Great points and silver swag in the bag for the NGRRC Powerbikes Championships.

Liam is now holding a solid 3rd place on the Championship table behind the well seasoned Phil Bevan in 2nd and ever rapid Josh Day in 1st. He leads Blank and Wagstaff by 4 points heading into the next round at Donington Park.

The Leicestershire circuit is a favourite with many riders and Liam is no exception. He set competitive Donington lap times on the old ZX10 last year and with the fully sorted 2012 ZX10R honed to his liking, Liam is hunting for a step higher on the podium.

Gear selector problems meant Liam wasn't in full flight at Cadwell but by Donington the ZX will be straining to go, fresh from a rebuild.

Donington Park rolls in on the 11th and 12th of May. Let the sun shine and the rubber burn!


Snetterton 200:

Richie Connell got stuck in a rut at Snetterton and despite good pace in testing never managed to find the fast line at the notoriously paced circuit.

Richie said,
"We labelled Snett as a learning curve... Friday went well we spent time adjusting the gearing for the long back straight. Saturday qualifying went rubbish! Just couldn't find the speed the others had so I was way down in 24th on the grid. I Made a cracking start in the 1st race and managed to get up to 13th and in a 4-way battle got hit up the back and went straight on, loosing me 3 places. I then struggled to get back into a rhythm and ended up 20th overall and 14th in class."

Richie continued, "On Sunday I started from 24th again and never really improved which we put down to lack of track knowledge so all in all a bad weekend and a long way to go for one. Moving on we are looking forward to Cadwell."

Racing is a tough game and you learn from the knocks. Richie is a tall lad and after some review, he's decided to hit the next round with a a bigger style "TT" screen for better aerodynamics.

Richie runs a good pace at Cadwell and he'll be looking for revenge on lady luck. Cadwell Park comes round on the 26th and 27th of May so there's time for Richie to turn the wheels in testing and cement an advantage for his continuing bid in the Thundersport GB Superstock Champoinship.

Thanks once again to the Liam and Richie for promoting RatMally Race Graphics. Check out their bikes for examples of some of the race graphics options available from RatMally.

Richie Connell - Yamaha YZF R6 | Liam Murtagh - Kawasaki ZX10R



Connell steps up at Donington Park.

4th April 2013.

Hard work payed off for Richie at the Donington Park round of the Thundersport GB SuperStock 600 Championship with a 3rd place. Back on the podium for Richie and some silverware for the trophy cabinet. Nice job!

Saturday's weather was perfect and Richie found good pace to battle with the frontrunners, setting times within 2 seconds of the lead. Small gains to be found could easily decrease this gap and put #97 on the top step.

The 2nd round of the series we set for the full Donington GP circuit but the preceding days snowy weather brought about the decision to use the shorter National circuit. Not to everyones taste and lacking the spectator friendly loop, the National circuit offers fast flowing corners and favours a different style, missing out the hard breaking sections and aggressive passing opportunities seen at the Melbourne loop.

Richie hoped to take advantage of the chance to test at the GP circuit ahead of the forthcoming British Superbikes round and a possible entry in the National Superstock 600 event. The massively competitive class is the testing ground for up and coming riders looking to make a mark on the national scene. Lap times are key so Richie will be heading back for some benchmark laps before a decision on entry is made.

Well done to Richie and the team at Donington and we're looking forward to some warmer weather and the next round to see Richie follow suit with another podium.

RatMally Racer Richie Connell #97

Photo credit to Steve @ SportsFolio GB - Edit by RatMally Race Graphics.


Richie Connell - Thundersport GB Round 2 preview.

30th March 2013.

Round 2 of The Thundersport GB series heads to Donington Park this weekend
and testing gets underway for RatMally Racer Richie Connell at the revised Donington National circuit.

Bad weather and unseasonal snow hampered preparations but some sun and a dry track today have given Richie the chance to make up ground.

The aim for the weekend: Match last years times for testing and better the top 10 overall and top 6 in class at Brands Hatch round 1.

Forecast for the racing is good and the dry conditions are very welcome. Lap times should fall and Richie has the chance to make headway in the SuperStock 600 and GP1 Championship.

Qualifying for Richie starts at 9.40am on Sunday with 15 minutes to set his best lap and avoid the run from the back of the field suffered at Brands. With a quietly confident attitude from Richie, we're hoping for a top 10 slot on the grid and another top 6 result in the bag.

The real race day is Monday and with the TV cameras on everyone want's to perform. Richie's setup and "better feeling on the bike" from today should allow for progress and with 4 races to fine tune performance, there's no reason he shouldn't hit the target.

Look out for #97 on track and keep the news close with RatMally's twitter updates as the action happens.


Liam Murtagh - NGRRC - Brands Hatch

RatMally Racer Liam Murtagh 47

18th March 2013

It's ideal to be blessed with some dry and sunny weather for the first round of the year and It's nice to get out on track and test some settings, blow the cobwebs away and get a feel for a new ride. Yep, It would be nice but not necessary as Liam Murtagh proved at NGRRC's round 1 of the Powerbike Championship when he cruised the Corby Kawasaki ZX10R to a cracking 3rd place.

Liam only turned a wheel of the 2012 ZX10R for the first time the day before race 1 and despite single figure temperature and rain, he knew the Corby Kawasaki was on the money.

Day 1 saw Liam claim 6th in the Powerbikes amongst classy company with the top 4 places filled by BSB and National level Roads riders.

The weather didn't follow the plan for day 2 and continued with the wet and cold. Many of the faster riders suffering crash damage and retirement left the grid for the final thin but with the main contenders still making the most of valuable track time the job was no easier. No Matter as Liam took a well deserved podium and 3rd place in the final, beaten only by Wagstaff and Blank on their way to the Road's season and closely followed by the ever-rapid Phil Bevan. Good skills!

An almost perfect and very promising start to the season for Liam and his RatMally Race Graphics Liveried Corby Kawasaki and a massive confidence boost heading towards Cadwell Park for round 3 & 4 on the 27th and 28th April, where Liam looks to be Pole-sitter as the only Championship contender in the top 3.

Cadwell is a favoured track for Liam and a pole start on the new machine could be all that's needed to claim another podium and more points to better his 3rd place in the Powerbikes championship. Look-out!

RatMally Racer Liam Murtagh - Brands Hatch

Photo credit to ae-photography

Massive thanks from RatMally Race Graphics for great presence and a committed ride from Liam at Brands, proving his mettle and a cool head as the conditions took a bite from many others. Roll on Cadwell Park.



Richie Connell - Round 1 - Brands Hatch.

11th March 2013

Well it's barely March and the 1st race weekend of the year dawns wet and cold with a flurry of snow to add to the mix. No surprises there. Race we will and race we do!

RatMally Racer Richie Connell

Richie Connell gets the campaign underway for RatMally Race Graphics with a challenge of wrong tyre choices and setup issues but like I said, Race we do and after much head scratching problems are solved and lap-times fall.

Richie's target for the weekend of top 10 finishes was looking damp as Saturday ticked away and bad qualifying saw him battle to gain ground on the frontrunners.

Everyone has a bad day without exception but it's nice when you keep your powder dry and perform when it counts; Sunday, the Televised "real race day" GP1 final, up against 1000cc bikes and a good testing ground for National level riders. Richie drops his times to match the pace and brings it home in 10th place overall and 6th in class. The roll carries on into Richie's main and some say more competitive class the 600cc Supersport, AKA "Mad Axemen" (with good reason), to see #97 claw from 19th on the grid to 14th overall and 11th in the Stock class.

Lap times in the almost freezing conditions tumbled to 54 seconds and with Richie clocking low 56's the leaders were not running away. Room for progress but a great start to the year and points in the bag looking ahead to the next round at everyone's favourite, Donington Park.

Well done to Richie and thanks from RatMally Race Graphics for flying the flag.


RatMally Racers 2013
Richie Connell - SuperStock 600
Liam Murtagh - NGRRC Powerbikes

6th March 2013.

The waiting is over, the hard gym sessions are paying off, all those early morning runs in the ice and snow are a distant memory, the countless hours in the workshop readying the dormant race weapon are gone. It's time to RACE!

RatMally Race Graphics are pleased to offer backing and support to Richie Connell and Liam Murtagh for the 2013 season and with race day only hours away it's time to blur the edges on those fresh graphics.

Richie Connell is heading for the ThundersportGB Stock 600 class and his 2012 results in the NGRRC Probolt 600cc Championship make for good reading with a Championship 3rd place standing him in good form for the step up to the televised Thundersport series.

Richie's weapon of choice is the R6 and an upgrade to the 2011 spec bike for this season should give him some added pace. On the quiet, he's hoping for a top 10 finish in all rounds but we're confident he'll blow the top 10 away and be hunting for a podium. No pressure then!

First Round for Richie is this weekend, the 9th and 10th of March at Brands Hatch, where he will be running in both 600 SuperStock and GP1 classes. He's shown here with RatMally Race Graphics livery, themed to attract a title sponsor for the season. You can keep up with Richie's progress here, on RatMally's facebook and twitter @RatMally. Check out Richie Connell Racing on facebook and search for #SponsorConnell and #97RichieConnellRacing for more news and to show your support.

RatMally Racer - Richie Connell #97

Photo credit to Steve @ SportsFolio GB

Liam Murtagh is hitting the NGRRC Powerbikes with his Corby Kawasaki ZX10R. In with the serious class for Liam and he's aiming for some strong top 6 finishes on his newly prepped 2012 machine. Delays with machine prep have meant Liam hasn't turned a wheel yet but he'll be testing at the official day ahead of round 1 at Brands Hatch on the 16th and 17th of March. Keep up with Liam's news here and on social as it happens.

Both Liam's (shown below) and Richie's bike's graphics were fully styled and fitted at RatMally Race Graphics and show off the ever popular World Superbike style headlight stickers now available at RatMally. Get in touch for info on your graphics and race numbers. Ask

Good luck to all involved with Liam and Richie and we'll see you on track. Top step would be nice!

RatMally Racer - Liam Murtagh Kawasaki ZX10R



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