Shoya Tomizawa.

RatMally -
- Race Graphics design
- Born from the track
- Supplied to the masses
- Favoured by racers
- Worth a second a lap: Some say

Established: 1994 -
- Mally made its name when pen and paper made artwork.
Now the silicon chip streamlines design and graphics and RatMally re-launched in '06 to fund a passion for motorcycle racing.
From a passion grows strength and motivation and now, RatMally proudly supply the paddock and beyond.
Race graphics and stickers for your machine, bike or car, replica or custom design.
Full livery or sponsor decals, race numbers and teamwear, all branded and produced at

RatMally design and produce race graphics but it doesn't end there. Design is where it all starts, so if you want your ideas brought to life, can help realise your vision.

RatMally Race Graphics
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Headlight Stickers - World Superbike style

RatMally Headlight Stickers.

New rules for World Superbikes make the rocket powered beasts of the international paddock look a little more like the machines we can buy.

The range from RatMally Race Graphics.
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RatMally Race Graphics



Super-Juicy prints on self adhesive vinyl.

Ideal for Van sides - Promo Boards - Awnings.

Pack prices available on request.

Click here to drop us an email and buy... Attach your image and we'll confirm the price.

RatMally Race Prints

RatMally Race Graphics


World Superbike style BellyPan Graphics

Need some bellypan graphics? We can supply a full width printed and laminated graphic to apply and trim. No need for clearcoat or lacquer, these beauties are laminated for a super-glossy and tough finish.

Pack of 2 @ 800x90mm - Request a price.

Want your own brands or sponsors adding to a custom graphic? No-problem. Drop us a line.


RatMally Race Graphics Bellypan stickers

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RatMally Race Graphics

RatMally Urban Camo

Popular request means we now produce a pack of Camo shapes in colours of your choice to give your motor the Urban Camo look.

A regular pack contains 120x 100-140mm shapes split into 3 colours, as below x2 for £40.00. This pack will cover an average sized bike and a small pack of 60 for £20.00 to top-up or cover specific panels. Also available in custom sizes.

Easy to fit; Just align and stick to design your own theme.

Click to email request for your pack.

RatMally Race Graphics Urban Camo

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RatMally Race Graphics

Marco Simoncelli #58 - #SuperJuicyStickers

20% Donation to Riders for Health

The legendary Marco Simoncelli and his famous #58 are still massively popular so after much request we made some more in the range of Super Juicy Stickers - #SuperJuicyStickers with the 100mm version. Bigger then the mini Tag style 60mm version, Printed on crispy white 5 year vinyl with a super glossy protective laminate.

Marco #58 Lives on.

A pack of 2 for £5.00 - Click to buy from our ebay shop and we'll donate 20% of the total to Riders For Health.

Marco Simoncelli #58 - SuperJuicyStickers by RatMally Race Graphics

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RatMally Race Graphics

"CARBON-5" edition race numbers.

RatMally Race Graphics - Carbon5 Race Numbers

After much interest in the new "CARBON-5" race number design from RatMally, we are now offering a pack of 3 with "right and left handed" side numbers for £16.00.

This RatMally original style, inspired by the lines of the BMW S1000RR is supplied in carbon-effect vinyl in a standard size pack: The 230x120mm front number is coupled with a pair of 200x100mm side numbers, designed to match the flow of the bike.

CARBON-5 Edition race numbers from

Drop us a line to get the ball rolling on your "CARBON-5" pack...
Email - facebook - twitter - ebay - Tel : 07841 589980

RatMally Race Graphics

Subaru Impreza style RatMally Sik Pig.

The old favourite Subaru Impreza Manga style Scooby Pig had a re-furb a few years back and RatMally published the Sik Pig. One for the wasted generation and those with an ironic sense of humor.

We've had a couple of requests for the Sik style Scooby Pig lately so he's back on sale, as wasted as ever but with a fluo-yellow twist. Available in handed pairs @ 110x100mm (each) for £3.00 per pack, plus delivery.

Drop us a line for your pack now. Click here to email.

RatMally Race Graphics Subaru Sik Pig


RatMally Race Graphics

DM-4 Stack

Tuning stack of 4 brands as shown @ 200x170mm in white or a colour of your choice for £10.00 plus delivery. Click here to request your pack.

RatMally Race Graphics sponsor stack #4

RatMally Race Graphics

High-Contrast sponsor stack.

Tuners love a good sponsor stack but they are always on the plain side. We slapped an angled stack on a nice fresh white background and gave it a solid black outline for punchy contrast.

Each stack is 180-190mm wide and 300mm high and available in colours of your choice or the solid black and white version shown.

£20.00 per pack (pair as shown) ... Buy in store now

Need some different sponsors or a different size? Well drop us a line for a quote on your custom sponsor stack. Car or bike, no-problem, all graphics can be made to fit or supplied as loose sponsor logos for you to position.

RatMally Race Graphics Sponsor Stack

RatMally Race Graphics

RatMally sponsor stack #1 - 4 Wheels Good.

RatMally race graphics car sponsor stack

4 wheels have been feeling a bit neglected of late, so look out for some RatMally classic car styling decals and stickers making a welcome return.

We'll start the ball rolling with an old favourite. The Classic sponsor pack : contains a range of popular tuning brands and can be fully customised to your spec.

13 brands, supplied as a stack or separated. Of course, there are 2 sets in a pack. That's a massive 26 decals! Just choose the colour for your standard pack: £10.00 or rework the lot for a one off pack. Ask for a quote now.

RatMally race graphics car sponsor stack

Click the

RatMally Race Graphics


Race Scar Edition race numbers

RatMally Race Scar edition race numbers

" Race Scar " The RatMally race number addition comes in the ACU standard size of 230x150mm and in true RatMally style, let's add a tweek of character with a few racing Scars. Available in your chosen race number and colour. Plain enough to keep the Scrutineers happy and just enough style to make your mark. A pack of 3 costs £12.00

RatMally Race Scar edition race numbers

Hey, four wheels don't lose out here! RatMally is about motorsport graphics. You can still burn rubber no matter how many wheels you use! Closer to the many Motorsport race regulations, a 350x230mm standard set is available for cars. A pack of 2 starts from £15.00 - All available in custom sizes to match you needs.

Need a team name or Rider/driver name? No-problem, these can be supplied in the same style. Just ask... Click the image or here to email your request.

Race graphics and race numbers, all supplied at

RatMally Race Graphics

RatMally Legends series stickers

Remember a lost Racer and support Riders for Health
with RatMally Legends series memorial stickers.

Every pack contains 2x 50-60mm stickers for £5.00 and 20% of the full price will be donated to Riders for Health in your name. A multi pack containing 2 pairs of each number costs £12.00 with the same 20% going to charity.

Daijiro Kato #74 - Pack of 2 - 60x30mm - £3.00 plus P&P

Daijiro Kato #74 available from RatMally Race Graphics


Shoya Tomizawa #48 - Pack of 2 - 60x35mm - £3.00 plus P&P

Shoya Tomizawa #48 Available from RatMally Race Graphics

Marco Simoncelli #58 - Pack of 2 - 50x40mm - £3.00 plus P&P

Marco Simoncelli #58 Available from RatMally Race Graphics

UK postage £1.00 - EU Airmail £2.50 - Rest of World Airmail £3.50

Need a different racers number? email a request here

RatMally Race Graphics

"MotoGP-Flo" edition fluorescent race numbers.

Moto GP leads the way in motorcycle fashion and Valentino Rossi started it all off with popping fluorescent colours and a dangly leg... Now everyone has their legs waving all over the place and their colours are glowing in competition for the cameras.

RatMally Race Graphics has the flo for your fluorescent graphics and we're rolling out with a set of punchy fluorescent and black numbers.

A pack of 3 comes in at £15.00 with a choice of your number in any fluorescent colour and black and sized to 200x130mm. This set is pretty standard to keep you on the right side of the race regs but if you fancy something in a different size, font or style, just drop us a line.

Custom race graphics and motorsport race livery is what we're about so don't stop with numbers. Send over your sponsor images and logo's for the fluo treatment.

Get with the flo!

MotoGP fluorescent race numbers

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RatMally Race Graphics

Killer game inspired race numbers...

"Halo-Race" Graphics from


Classic killer console title, HALO, inspired race numbers...
"HALO-RACE" A solid style loved and requested by Gamers and Racers the world around.

So here we are. Adapted for your weapon of choice - Slap 'em on your motor or slap 'em on your console!
Available in standard sizes as a pack of 3x 240x120mm numbers and 3x 240x15mm name, or customised to fit your needs: Sizes, colours and shape can all be adjusted.

"Halo-Race" Graphics from

Most orders have some custom requests so please click here to email an order or questions about your pack.

RatMally Race Graphics

Subaru Evil Pig race numbers... Scooby style!

There is nothing like the sound of a tuned up Scooby! Subaru's Impreza is verging on cult-car status and awesome in all forms but especially if you slap some RatMally Evil Pig race numbers on the side!

The Manga pig mascot has been a long running Subaru rally fan fave and now you can have your Subaru race numbers styled with the Original RatMally Evil Pig. We did it first and others followed... Why wouldn't you!

A pack of 2x 300x160mm numbers in 2 colours, weighs in at £16.00
Custom sizes and colours are of course available so drop us a line to get the wheels turning...

RatMally Subaru Evil Pig race numbers. Designed and supplied by

Now the cogs are whirring don't forget RatMally can wave the wand over your club or team name, facebook or twitter address and pimp the dullest text or standard bike and car race numbers.

Email - facebook - twitter - Tel : 07841 589980


RatMally Race Graphics

New cut-out style POW edition race numbers.

RatMally POW edition race numbers

New cut-out style of the ever popular POW edition race numbers now available with your name reversed out from the single colour design.

The cut-out style uses your bike or cars colour as the background, so no need to worry about matching colours on your pride and joy, just choose a base colour for the graphics and POW! You are good to go.

Available in too many colours to mention, including chromes, fluos and carbon.

Race graphics take a lead from your chosen style of number so don't forget to ask about your race-name or logo and sponsor decals, they can all be made to match for the Factory look.

The standard pack contains 3x 220x140mm numbers for £12.00
Email your request now...

RatMally Race Graphics

RatMally "Sexy 69"


Everyone loves a sexy girl, especially on their race numbers and that is proven again by the "Sexy 69" design hitting the top spot for motorcycle race number sales from

There have been a few variations on the Sexy girl and the number style over the years, but the classic favourite is always a winner.
Available to buy in standard packs of 3x 230x130mm for £12.00 or you can customise the colours, size and number as you like.

If you have your own idea for a number design or logo and just can't put it onto paper, drop us a line. Full design service available. Email your requests here.


"POW" edition race numbers.

RatMally race numbers of the month. Pow edition. Click to buy.

RatMally POW edition race numbers were launched this summer following the KABOOM edition race graphics that were so popular with track-day riders.
POW graphics continue to outsell all others and are now the most popular motorcycle race number style for

The POW race number style allows club racers to keep within the ACU guidelines without resorting to boring and plain fonts.
The removal of the KABOOM style number-board keeps a crisp outline style on a bright, bold font, leaving you free to use your own background.

RatMally race graphics are all about making the most of the rules, so custom graphics and numbers are wide open to your choice of colour, style and size.

Buy in store now

RatMally Race Graphics


RatMally "Drive-by" Edition race numbers. Drive-by edition race numbers

Imagine, your race number in the Drive-by style. Custom made to fit your machine, four wheel or 2, in your choice of colours.
A set of 3x 240x140mm numbers costs £16.00 ... many other options available.
Send us an email for your custom pack and price.

RatMally Graphics Design. For all your vinyl graphics and stickers. Faster by design.